Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen Borosilikat und Pyrexglas?
What are the diferences between borosilicate and pyrex glass?

Pyrex is a trademark for the particular glassware items made using borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass Is composed of at least 5% oxide of boron and other things including silica. Labware benefited from this heat resistant property (1933) and Pyrex expanded the use of borosilicate glass to cookware.I’m not sure of the composition of other glass ovenware such as Corning and Anchor Hocking, but I would venture a guess that they were also manufactured with borosilicate glass as an ingredient. The use of borosilicate glass in cookware does not mean you can put it directly on a heat source, but a room temperature Pyrex dish can handle any oven duties you ask of it. When I have time I’ll write down my “Ode to Pyrex” but I’m ignoring the kitchen cleanup just to finish my own meal.

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